What rules are used to decide whether CC's or calibre's value is used when syncing

1) The first time you sync (connect as a wireless device) after setting the lookup names, calibre and CC do a special sync. If CC's read value is not empty, then it is synced to the Yes/No calibre column, otherwise if calibre's column is not empty it is synced to CC. The same rule is used for the date read value.

2) For subsequent syncs: if you have changed the value in CC (in book details the value in the box differs from the value shown in calibre's column), then the value in the box is written to calibre's database. Otherwise if the value in calibre's column has changed, that value is written to CC's value (the one shown in the box).

3) If neither CC's nor calibre's value have changed, nothing happens.

Charles Haley
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